Program Staff


We are very proud of our teaching staff at Colorado International School. Several are available for tutoring. Inquire: 303-918-5182. Please enjoy their biographies:

alex  Alexandre Ayité

“Get that child involved in sports… all that energy needs to be properly channeled!” announced my father when I was just nine. By age 17, I was a black belt in Judo, a second-degree black belt in Kung Fu, and a leading scorer in the national Senegalese Handball team.

After moving to Paris, I studied French Boxing under Richard Sylla, Patrick Augais and Robert Paturel, and won the Silver Gloves for French Boxing. For twenty-five years in Paris, I worked as a bodyguard and as a personal fitness instructor, teaching self defense, French boxing, kickboxing and other fitness classes.

In 1997 I moved back to Dakar, Senegal, West Africa, where I trained the National Senegalese Police Guard and the National Senegalese Boxing Team.

I moved to Denver in the fall of 2001 where I work as a security guard, fitness and boxing instructor for children and adults, and part time P.E. teacher.  I am delighted to be working with the Colorado International School students, combining my love and mastery of the French language and thorough knowledge of sports with my amazing patience and wonderful rapport with children.

Lu He   Lu He 普通话

My name is Lu He. I have over 10 years of teaching Mandarin Chinese experience in Colorado since I immigrated to U.S.A. in 1996.  I have been teaching PreK/K Mandarin at Joyous Chinese Cultural Center School and Chinese Great Wall Academy.

Currently, I am a Mandarin program Pre-K teacher at Colorado International School. I have been teaching Pre-K Mandarin Chinese, math, science and social studies since 2011. Because I had the benefit of growing up in China, my Mandarin is excellent.  I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economy from GuangXi University. I have certificates of completion from Colorado Chinese Teachers Consortium.I also completed my Early Child Education 101 and 103 classes at Community College Of Aurora in 2011.

Through my teaching experiences, I have developed my classroom management skills, and have found this to be an important asset.  I have utilized classroom management and differentiated instruction to help students learn successfully and enjoy the process, all the while maintaining a language immersion atmosphere, and cultural diversity.

I also maintain an IB curriculum that requires thematic educational activities that are both fun and creative. Because I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language, I use approaches that stimulate students’ interests in Chinese through culture, games, songs, drama, projects, homework, and other fun activities.

I really enjoy working intensely with kids to help them grow and develop. My goal is to prepare the children to be ready to start elementary education in Mandarin.  My teaching goal: Children progressively learn to express themselves in Mandarin as they are immersed in the target language all day by engaging in playful structured learning activities. Along with the other Pre-K/K teachers at CoIS, we focus on an IB thematic unit for a selected time, and the students learn Mandarin vocabulary relating to the IB theme.






cos-0095  Paul Manga

My name is Paul Manga. I am very excited to be coming back to Colorado International School. I have been previously at CoIS from March to May 2010 as a French Substitute Teacher. I am really happy to have another opportunity to contribute to the French Immersion Program here.

I was born in Casamance, a rustic but very beautiful green region, in the southern part of Senegal. My country is a former French Colony where French is the official language. I was immersed into French when I entered elementary school at 6 years, all the way to the end of my education.

After receiving my high school diploma, I had to pass an exam to enter the National School of Education, where I earned, after 3 years of training (education) and one year of internship, my BA in Education, with the specialty Preschool Teacher, in 1986. After my graduation, I was sent to Ziguinchor, capital of the region for 4 years to work as an assistant of the regional inspector of preschool education. In October 1990, I asked to leave the administrative work to go back to teach in Pk-K to earlier elementary students for 13 years, which is my real passion.

I have taught, like most of my colleagues in plethoric classrooms of 45 to 52 students, in multicultural and multilanguage areas. As you could see, my passion for teaching, especially for Early Childhood Education, allowed me to manage theses big groups to succeed in school in French immersion context – French wasn’t their native language – for thirteen years in my country. At Colorado International School I am getting basically the same context, but here the length of student groups make easier to work.

My experience as a teacher here started from 2006 to now. I have been teaching French for adults periodically at Bridge Linguatec since 2006 to now and at Lutheran High School at parker (grades 9-12), from 2007 to 2010. I am getting here with a clear vision of those better possibilities given to me for best results.

Je m’appelle Paul Manga. Je suis très ravi d’être de retour à Colorado International School. J’ai déjà été à CoIS de Mars à Mai 2010, comme un enseignant suppléant de français. Je suis vraiment heureux d’avoir une autre occasion de contribuer au programme d’immersion en français ici.

Je suis né en Casamance, une région rustique, mais très belle et verte, dans la partie sud du Sénégal. Mon pays est une ancienne colonie française où le français est la langue officielle. J’ai été immergé en français quand je suis entré  à l’école élémentaire à 6 ans et, ce, tout au long de mon cursus scolaire.

Après avoir reçu mon diplôme d’études secondaires, j’ai dû passer un concours pour entrer à l’École Nationale de Formation des Enseignants, où j’ai obtenu en 1986, après 3 années de formation et une année de stage en responsabilité entière, mon baccalauréat en éducation, option Education Préscolaire. Après mon Certificat d’aptitude à l’Education Préscolaire, j’ai été affecté, pour quatre ans, à Ziguinchor, capitale de la région, comme assistant de l’inspecteur régional de l’Education Préscolaire. En Octobre 1990, j’ai demandé à quitter le travail administratif pour revenir enseigner dans les écoles au niveau préscolaire et  dans le cycle préparatoire de l’élémentaire pendant 13 ans. En quittant les bureaux administratifs je retrouvais ainsi ma vraie passion, l’enseignement.

J’ai enseigné, comme la plupart de mes collègues dans des classes pléthoriques, allant de 45 à 52 élèves, dans les zones multiculturelles et multilingues. Comme vous pouvez le constater, ma passion pour l’enseignement, en particulier pour l’éducation de la petite enfance, m’a permis de réussir à gérer les grands groupes. C’est dans un tel contexte d’immersion en français – le français n’était pas la langue maternelle des enfants – que j’ai réussi à former pendant treize ans des générations d’enfants dans mon pays. A Colorado International School, je retrouve  essentiellement le même contexte, à l’exception qu’ici les effectifs sont loin d’être pléthoriques et les conditions de travail meilleures. J’ai réellement la ferme conviction que je ferai plus de résultats dans une école comme CoIS où  les conditions matérielles et l’environnement offrent de meilleurs avantages.

Mon expérience, comme enseignant ici, date environ depuis 2006, ou je donne périodiquement des cours de Français pour adultes à Bridge Linguatec jusqu’à présent, et au Lycée Luthérien de Parker ou j’ai servi de 2007 à 2010. J’arrive donc dans cette école avec une claire conscience des possibilités qui me sont offertes pour faire des résultats convenables.

cos-0133  Birgit Mann

My name is Birgit Mann and I am the Pre-K teacher for Colorado International School. I was born and grew up in a small town in the Thuringian Forest in Germany. In 2011 I moved to Denver where I have been living with my family. I have a Bachelor‘s degree in Biology and Chemistry which I obtained in 1982. For many years I taught middle and highschool students.  Before I moved to the United States I trained early childhood teachers.  My passion is teaching.

I also enjoy working with people from other cultures. Colorado International School is giving me the opportunity to do all this.

Mein Name ist Birgit Mann. Ich unterrichte an der CoIS die 3- 5 Jaehrigen. Seit 2011 lebe ich mit meiner Familie in Denver. Geboren und aufgewachsen bin ich in einer kleinen Stadt in Thueringen, Deutschland. Als Diplomlehrer fuer Biologie und Chemie unterrichtete in den letzten 28 Jahren verschiedene Faecher und  Klassenstufen.  Bevor ich nach Denver kam, unterrichtet ich an einer Fachschule, welche Erzieher und medizinische Berufe ausbildete. Um mit den Juengsten hier zu arbeiten zu koennen, belegte ich zwei Klassen fuer Fruehkindliche Bildung am College.

Song, Xiaoying  Xiaoying Song – 普通话

My name is Xiaoying Song. I was born in Beijing, China, and graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts with a BA in Fine Arts. After that, I worked in an advertising agency for a couple of years before I moved to Norway to continue my education as a graphic artist.

I moved to Colorado in 1997. I taught art classes for all different age groups at BoHua Chinese School from 2000 to 2011. I also completed a teacher training course in Beijing and have a certificate of recognition as a Chinese teacher from the International Association of Chinese Language Teachers.

I enjoy working with children and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and culture with them. When teaching, I like to develop a creative and lively environment in which students can achieve their academic goals. I’m very excited to be part of the team at CoIS!






Anne Garlow — German Program Upper Elementary and Middle School Teacher

My name is Anne Garlow and I am very excited to become part of the Colorado International School. I was born and raised in Ochtrup-Welbergen, a beautiful little village close to the Dutch border in the NW part of Germany.

I have a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany and obtained my Bachelor degree with Honors in European Business in a double degree program from the University of Portsmouth, UK and the University of Münster, Germany. During my studies I developed a great deal of cross-cultural awareness and an international mindset thanks to the stations in different countries, such as the Netherlands, the UK and the United States. I always enjoyed working with people from all across the world.My fluency in English, German, and Dutch and basic skills in Spanish and French have allowed me to effectively manage teams in Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Iceland, and Denmark.

Besides my career in international management I have worked with kids ages 5-12 in the Wichita YMCA community center and volunteered as a reading partner helping kids in elementary school achieve their reading goals. During volunteering for Junior Achievement I was able to gain further teaching experience with children in 4th-5th grade.

Mein Name ist Anne Garlow und ich freue mich an der Colorado International School anzufangen. Ich bin in Ochtrup-Welbergen aufgewachsen, einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe der Niederländischen Grenze im Nordwesten Deutschlands.

Meinen Master habe ich im Bereich International Management an der Fachhochschule Münster erworben und den Bachelor im European Business Programme (EBP) an der Fachhochschule Münster und University of Portsmouth, UK habe ich mit Auszeichnung abgeschlossen.

Dank der verschiedenen Stationen im Ausland und der Projektarbeit mit Studenten aus aller Welt habe ich viele interkulturelle Erfahrungen gesammelt. Die Arbeit in internationalen Teams hat mir immer viel Spaβ gemacht und meine Sprachkenntnisse in Englisch, Deutsch und Niederländisch ermöglichten es mir, Teams in Belgien, den Niederlanden, der UK, Spanien, Island und Dänemark effektiv zu managen.

Neben meiner Karriere im International Business habe ich mit Kindern im Alter von 5-12 im Wichita YMCA Community Center gearbeitet und darüber hinaus als “Reading Partner” Kindern im Alter von 8-10 geholfen ihre Ziele im Lesen zu erreichen. Auβerdem konnte ich als Volunteer im Programm “Junior Achievement” weitere Lehrerfahrung mit Kindern im Grundschulalter sammeln.

Tutoring availability:

Arabic, Math, Science with Ms. Ola: 3:30 pm -6:30 pm Downtown Denver or 4:00 pm -6:30 pm S. Aurora

German with Ms. Birgit: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Mandarin: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30 to 12:30

French: To be announced 2/5/18

Spanish ECE: Monday through Friday 8:00 am -6:00 pm

English/ Math/ Grades 5-12: Tuesday and Wednesday 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm