CoIS Preschool Daily Activity Schedule


*Activity takes place in immersion Program Language


TIME             STUDENT ACTIVITY                          WHAT TEACHERS DO


8:00-8:50                  ree choice in learning centers         Interact with students

(PreK Classroom or outside)

8:50 – 9:00              * Transition into preK classroom    Supervise transition, interact

9:00 – 9:50               *Circle time: Calendar, Songs         Sing, read, play, converse;

*Free choice in learning centers with IB theme, daily discussion

9:50-10:00              * Snack time and transition         Sanitize tables, lead and supervise

clean-up and hand-washing

10:00-10:30             Outside free play                         Supervise and interact with students

10:30-11:50              *Free choice in learning            Guide, observe, interact with students


11:50-12:00              *Transition into outside play   Lead and supervise student clean-up

and hand-washing

12:00-12:30            Outside free play                     Interact with students

12:30-13:00            *Lunch                                     Eat and socialize with students;

Reinforce table manners

13:00-14:00            Rest period                             Supervise, play music, plan

14:00 -14:30      Common activities by age    Share/teach art, music, P.E. *library, *cooking

14:30-15:30    *Free choice in learning       Guide, observe, interact with students


15:30-15:45     *Snack time and transition   Sanitize tables, lead and supervise student

clean-up and hand-washing

15:45-16:00      Outside free play        Supervise; take students to aftercare teacher

16:00-17:0o   Free choice in learning centers            Supervise students

(PreK Classroom or outside)