Ages 3-5


Preschoolers can begin the program at age three and do not need any prior foreign language. All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers.  Aside from being great instructors, their caring and nurturing approach brings out the best in young children.

In the preschool setting, we introduce our students to Spanish through a variety of multi-sensory activities. Expressive art, music, simple stories and rhythmic games based on seasonal and nature themes provides a gentle structure to the preschooler’s day.  We understand that children thrive in an interactive environment.  We encourage sharing, telling stories and making friends.

*A typical preschool day at CoIS *

  • Arrival (Children are met by the Preschool Teacher)
  • Welcoming (We sit in a circle and welcome each other; we share about the previous day, weekend or we have show and tell).
  • Free Play Time (We have at our disposal social games, a painting area, building corner, puzzles, and a book corner). Each child can decide what he/she wants to play with and with whom.
  • Teacher-guided activities (may include baking, rhythm exercise, crafts etc.) Activity Schedule may vary depending on the day of the week.
  • Snack Time (Each Child brings snack).
  • Gymnastics and Movement Exercises (the children have gymnastics and space to develop various movement exercises such as balancing, dancing and playground etc.).
  • Time to go home (We say good bye to each other in a circle and sing a farewell song before leaving.)