Elementary School (Kindergarten-5th Grade)


Elementary School  Programs (Kindergarten – Fifth Grades):


Elementary School  Programs (Kindergarten – 5th Grade):

At the elementary level, CoIS students spend a large percentage of their time immersed in the second language of their choice- French, German, Mandarin, or Spanish.   Students maintain grade level competency in both English and their immersion language(s) by collaborating closely with teachers and peers.  Small class sizes encourage participation from all students, resulting in in-depth discussions and high levels of understanding.  Elementary students gain a strong understanding of the humanities, as they are constantly introduced to new global ideas through monthly International Tea-Parties, and weekly cultural physical education classes.  By following the International Baccalaureate* tradition, our elementary teachers creatively and thoughtfully educate future world leaders.  To learn more about our individual language programs and curriculum, please follow the links below.

Mandarin Program

French Program

Spanish Program

English Program

German Program