After-School Enrichment

Two CoIS students


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Comprehensive Enrichment Programs are offered before and after school hours. Students at CoIS, private or public schools, and home schooled students attend the enrichment programs.  The language clubs are offered in Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, (Persian (Farsi), Italian, Japanese and Russian. Language clubs include both the language and the cultural aspects of the countries that speak these languages.

Students learn folkloric dances & music, learn to cook ethnic dishes, read standard children’s fables, enjoy games, martial arts techniques and sports typical of other countries and cultures. This is a fun way for students to learn or reinforce world language skills while developing cultural understanding that leads to world citizenship.  These classes are still language intensive, but with a great deal of cultural fun activities. CoIS also offers language-based enrichment classes that fulfill already proficient world language speakers’ needs to maintain, improve and enhance their language skills.

Enrichment classes are ideal for students who want to begin acquiring a second language, or for students who want to maintain and improve language skills, or who want to begin acquisition of a third language.  It is important to note that CoIS provides as much focus on its enrichment programs as it does on its day program, thereby ensuring the best and most comprehensive language-based enrichment programs in Denver.


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