English Program

English Program at CoIS

As an international school delivering content through world language immersion, Colorado International School students receive most of their instruction in their immersion language(s).  Students are educated in core content areas, including math, social studies, history, and science in the immersion language.  English instruction is provided to students in increasing amounts each academic year, in order to reinforce vocabulary and core content areas, and improve students’ reading, writing, reasoning, and critical thinking skills in their native languages.

In first grade, the world language being studied is offered 80% of the time, with English language skills being offered 20%. Each year, English language instruction increases until students spend an equal amount of time in both languages by middle school. These percentages of time spent in immersion in the world language are based on research and outlined by the American Council on Immersion Education (ACIE). Students who begin at an early age with CoIS and continue in the program will be completely bilingual and biliterate, ready for advanced studies in either language by the time they are ready for high school or university studies nationally or abroad. And since programs such as those available through the IBO are highly acclaimed and recognized world-wide, students have the freedom to eventually study in many countries in a network of international and national schools.

In the English Program, students are given a broad foundation based upon Colorado state standards that ensures that students exceed expectations set for their peers. Students are given the opportunity to take a part in the design of their own curriculum, selecting materials and projects to suit their interests and curiosities. English Program students focus on technology in the classroom in order to bridge education with modern communication.

English Program students are responsible for the CoIS Blog and the CoIS School Scoop, our student run newspaper!

We would love to hear from you!  You may contact the English Program at coisenglish@gmail.com.

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