French Program

The French Program

Welcome to the French Program

Communication with the teacher
Your child has an assignment planner, which should be returned to school every day. It is your child’s responsibility to return the assignment planner each morning in the paper tray. Parents can communicate with the teacher(s) by leaving a note in the assignment planner or through the French Program E-mail at

Schedule & School expectations
Our approach to learning is to make it very fun and meaningful by using educational games and experiments. We expect that your child will be an active learner and participant. Error is part of the learning process.

The classroom rules are very simple:

Be respectful to others and school property
Follow directions the first time from the teachers and staff
Be a good participant and take initiative in school
Speak only in French

We believe in reinforcing a positive attitude. It is an important key for the student’s independence. We will use a 10 paper clip system in our class again this year. As a reward, a student who has met all the classroom rules will have a period of 15 minutes of free time.

The consequence for breaking the classroom rules and expectations in days are:
1st warning: Friendly verbal reminder plus one paper clip taken away
2nd warning: First red star + 5 minutes taken from free time
3rd warning: Second red star +10 minutes taken from free time
4th warning: Third red star + no free time for that week plus a note sent home

Homework & learning objectives

In the assignment planner, you will find their homework. Homework is given to finish incomplete class work, to get extra practice and to research internet/books related to a unit. Reading, math and spelling (10 words per week) are generally the content areas for homework.

  • They have 1 week to return their homework, if they can’t, after a week, they have to talk to the teacher about it.
  • Their homework has to be neatly done.
  • Homework has to be return one time unless giving permission by teacher.
  • Homework has to be done properly.

We understand that your child might have less time due to extracurricular activities after school. We will indicate a due date for homework but an alternate plan such as extra time during school day or one extra day to complete the assignment is possible.

We are very flexible; please leave us a note in the assignment planner if you have questions about homework. If your child was not able to complete an assignment due to challenge or frustration, We will be happy to make any adjustment or work with you child in class to solve the difficulties.