English Mountain Camp


To ensure proper staffing ratios as well as qualified teachers and camp counselors, payment and a registration form are needed for each camper to be registered in a camp.  Camps fill on a rolling basis. Session prices are $10000 per student for one week and $2000 per student for the combined two-week session.   

Mountain Camps run from Sunday p.m. to Saturday a.m.,  Transportation to and from the mountain location is not included; pay separately below.

CoIS mountain camp lodging is co-ed with single sex rooms.

Please submit a separate registration form for each camper.

Please send registration to:

Colorado International School

4100 E. Iliff Ave.

Denver, CO 80222


Fax number: (303) 759-5035

Camper’s name:                       ____________________________________________________

Camper’s date of birth:              _______________

Current School:                         ________________________ Entering Grade: _______

Parent/Legal Guardian’s name(s):            ____________________________________________________

Home number:                                      ____________________________________________________

Work number (Parent 1):    ______________________ Work number (Parent 2):




Best Contact Email:    ___________________________________________________________________

Level of Language Proficiency (Circle One):      Beginner                       Intermediate     Advanced

Transportation:             Departure -Sunday PM ______              Return – Saturday AM ______            (@$50/each way)

(Mountain Camps must have a minimum of 10 students in each language and proficiency level to run)

Session Number English Fee
Session 1(July 27-August 2) $1000
Session 2(August 3-9) $1000
Two Week English Teen Camp(July 27-August 9)13 and up   $2000


TOTAL Fee:                  $_______________________


  • Session prices are $1000 per student for one week and $2000 per student for two weeks. 

Background information on campers:

Has your child ever been identified as exhibiting any of the following?

____ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)          ____Behavioral Disorder

____Learning Disability                                              ____Mental Impairment

____Emotional Impairment/Disturbance                    ____Physical Impairment

____Speech/Language Impairment                               ____ Medical Special Needs Including Allergies

If so, please provide a complete explanation on a separate sheet of paper.

Has a teacher or other professional ever tested or recommended testing for any of these?

_____YES            _____NO

At the time of application, please submit copies of the recent 504 Plan or IEP (Individual Educational Plan), educational/medical reports (i.e. Woodcock Johnson-Rev. results, Speech/Language results), or any other academic testing completed at any level.

Do any of the following apply to your child?  If so, please provide a complete explanation on a separate sheet of paper.

___Retained a grade                         ____Suspended

___Expulsion                                               ____Asked to withdraw from school

___Alcohol or drug use                               ____Personal or family counseling

___ Accelerated a grade level                      ____ Gifted/ Talented

Payment Information For Checks   For Office Use
Payment Method Cash CS Check CK Amount Paid Check #
Payment received on  ___________
Payment received by   _________________


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