Mountain Camp “Earth” completed, “Air” has begun.

CoIS Mountain Camp studied Earth last week, including trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, the National Earthquake Information Center, and the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. They learned about the rock cycle, plate tectonics, and seismology, performed experiments, and presented their results in their program languages.


IMG_0139They wrapped up the week with a trip to the exhibition of the Biennial of the Americas, which included learning about flooding in Denver. They also visited the new Union Station and an expo in Civic Center Park. The day out finished with roller skating at Skate City in Littleton.

Two new campers joined the French and Japanese Camps for Air Week. The week began with a multi-lingual scavenger hunt, volleyball matches organized by the French program, and dinner of sushi and ramen prepared by the Japanese program. The new councilor-in-training is in charge of the little camp weather station, and all groups chose their science projects.

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