German resources

This wiki contains a list of all of good links to German pages, German dictionaries, German support groups, etc..

Online Dictionaries

  • Beolingus
  • Babelfish translation dictionary
  • Leo is a talking dictionary that practically conjugates words!
  • Faganfinder is a meta-translator.
  • Internet Picture Dictionary – This is a wonderful picture dictionary, despite the ad popup.
  • Syvum
  • is a website recommended for grade school level research in German. (The 3rd graders are doing research on world explorers and for Non-German speaking families, the kids do not translate from our English research to German. This site provides information in German at an elementary school reading level, rather than, which is more advanced reading.


Educational Aides

General Language and Learning Sites

  • Grammar, Math for different grades
  • bilingual families web page An excellent website from a bilingual family. Contains clearinghouse information for raising your bilingual child.
  • Comparisons of the top german lesson sites An interesting website comparing the top german lessons. Not sure who funds it.
  • Language to Language is a general language site. Includes overviews of the alphabet, a quiz of the day, and so forth.
  • Internet handbook of german grammar is a handbook of Duden grammar – Hochsprache
  • is a german class website. It also will hook you up with a penpal.
  • Syvum – The Syvum website looks like a very solid, full-service language support company (you pay), and claims to have video, support for K-12, and so forth.
  • Language Adventure is a a startup that sells a product that “will have your child speaking a foreign language in minutes.” The interesting thing about language adventure is that it’s headed up by Dr. Amado Padilla, formerly from the Stanford’s Language group. Very solid academic and research credentials behind the product. Cost: $50.


Fun Sites for Kid Play

  • Seitenstark contains games and projects in German for Kindergarten and older.
  • Blinde-kuh contains many games also, together with all sorts of other activities for children.

Free German Learning Sites

The website lists and ranks free German learning sites. It’s worth it to check out the descriptions and comments. Some of the best sites include:

  • BBC Languages – German includes games, quizzes, lessons, language programs, films, and documentaries.
  • Deutsche Welle has a fun-looking online course. Here’s a description of the first description of their online course: The course Deutsch – warum nicht?, divided into four parts, tells the story of the journalism student Andreas and his invisible ex. Join the two of them on an adventure and learn German along the way! Each of the four series contains 26 lessons with dialogue, exercises and audios to download. The course covers levels A1 to B1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages and is geared toward beginners and advanced learners. Deutsch – warum nicht? was produced by Deutsche Welle and the Goethe Institute.
  • German for has a German for Beginners course. They also have audio exercises, flash exercises, exercises with pictures, grammar, and puzzles.
  • Fokus Deutsch is a video instructional series in German for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 48 fifteen-minute video programs, audio CDs, and coordinated books. You can watch it for free using video on demand through the website.
  • Antolin is a book portal to encourage reading.


Sites with Songs


Online German Books


Online German Newsletters and Magazines


Online American Bookstores that sell German Books

Online German Parenting Sites

  • Mobile contains discussions on parenting, school, and life. You can also sign up for their newsletter.


Reisen und Aktivitaeten (Travel and Activities) in Deutschland, Schweiz und Oesterreich