The program of Parent Volunteering serves two important purposes at CoIS. First of all, it is a means to involve all parents in the educational experience of their children and take an active interest in the development of the school. Secondly, it helps the school reduce its costs and keep the tuition at a lower level, thus making the school more accessible to a larger number of families.

The following are brief descriptions of the various committees and teams that parents can volunteer for. For more information please email the PTSO or sign up online Parent Volunteer Sign-Up.

School Events Committee: This committee organizes a number of important school and social events during the year. This committee help the school organize their special events: International Teas,  Holiday Festival, etc..

Book Fair Teams: Books are offered twice a year and a percentage of the sales goes to our School. Members of these teams work on both organizing and running the fairs.

Fundraising Committee: Organize fundraising activities incl. the Annual Garage Sale & Auction Fundraiser.

IT Team: The IT Team plans for and supports the school’s IT infrastructure (network, hardware and software) for classrooms and office.

Library Committee: Help in the library with shelving books and assisting students during their library visiting hours.

Marketing/PR Committee: This Committee organizes work on advertisement and promotional material for the school. This committee writes press releases as needed and contacts the relevant media for promotion as needed. A background in graphic design would be highly preferred in this committee.

Thank you for your support!